Understanding the perks of having a well designed web site

The first impression always remains and when it comes to a professional website, a blog or even a social networking page, this well known jargon becomes the truest truth. No less than 94% of first impressions about a website are design related.

Your visitors are looking for efficient solutions in every way, starting with the presentation. As complete and relevant as content, most people discard pages that are not visually appealing, intuitive, or easy to navigate.

The importance of design on a website

The design of a website goes far beyond the choice of cheerful colors, striking letters or beautiful images. This set should be carefully planned to get the customer to take the desired action   whether buying a product, enrolling in a course, reading an article to the end, or sharing useful information with your network of friends.

The great function of design on a website is to have your brand recognized immediately   that all graphic elements reflect the identity and mission of the company, adding value to the product, as well as transmitting professionalism, trust and safety to the visitor.

Thus, the design should help the customer to sympathize with your page and perform actions simply and naturally. But how do you create a website that contains useful and relevant information while at the same time presenting an original, attractive and professional looking design?

Structure and content

According to a survey conducted by Adobe in 2015, if respondents had only 15 minutes to access content, 66 percent said they give priority to something that exhibits a beautiful, well designed design rather than pure content. This same survey pointed out that 38% of people leave the site if the content does not have an attractive layout or good quality images.

This means that it is paramount to balance the needs of your business with a touch of beauty, style and elegance when building your website structure. Follow the next few tips carefully to ensure that you provide the best possible experience for your visitors.

Opting for the best layout structure

Your first challenge will be to choose the layout for your new website. In a quick search, you may notice that there are several structure options in number of columns, position of menu bar, size of footer basically all page layouts. There is no magic formula to present the perfect layout for your visitors. Each type of structure is best suited for a different proposal. For example, if you focus on descriptive texts to deliver results, ideally the publishing area should be larger and more prominent, while customer facing teleselling sites should direct attention to contact information.

Even if you do not have experience with web design, HostGator Site Builder allows you to assemble a page with your face and a proper layout. You have several themes ready to choose and personalize.

Defining site colors

What is your favorite color? This answer will surely vary from person to person. Each individual responds differently to certain stimuli, whether verbal or visual. To get the best professional choose LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company . However, science has already proven that the human brain has a certain pattern of behavior when encountering the most different shades. It is the so called psychology of colors.

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